PART I: Feng Shui for Happiness and Success

(17 credit hours)

As of April 15th 2020, we offer a self-paced class that can begin on YOUR SCHEDULE with Lisa Alban being your mentor.
You may decide to take either just PART 1 or BOTH in this manner. Lisa is outstanding one-on-one!

An alternative is to begin your training on July 8 with a class of students meeting by way of interactive webinars. Certification this way takes 7 weeks (if taking both Part 1 and 2).
$480.00 USD

PART 1 & 2

Feng Shui Professional Consultant Training and Certification

(42 TOTAL credit hours *Part 1 is 17 and Part 2 is 25)

Complete Part I (included in this price) and continue on to GRADUATE with a Gold Level certification, and become a MEMBER of the International Feng Shui Guild of professionals with PAID membership for 1 Full Year.
(Online + Webinar format/Fully Recorded Self-Paced Option Available with Mentorship )

Payment Options Below

How to Choose:


We would love to have you attend the live Kick-off that we are now hosting online in a one-hour live webinar (plus 6 hours recorded), but maybe that isn't convenient for you. You can take the course completely online, attending our webinars and viewing the recorded videos.

You may also take the entire course self-paced, if that fits your schedule better. You may start at any time. Lisa will be your mentor to guide you through.

No matter which option suits you best, you can take advantage of our payment programs.

Upon registering, PLEASE tell us how you're choosing to receive our training so we can work with you and offer you the proper support and guidance to be SUCCESSFUL!

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