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Steve Kodad and Lisa Alban



Like the colorful, meandering pathways that lead up to a comfortable home, Steve Kodad's career path paved the way to his calling as an award-winning Feng Shui consultant and sought after speaker and trainer.

Early on, he taught mathematics in Basking Ridge, NJ where he also coached the basketball team to six straight years as conference champions. Four different schools benefited by his championship coaching skills.

Steve's career path changed in North Carolina where he entered the real estate industry. He was a multi-million dollar producer, year after year, eventually becoming co-owner of the agency which grew to 30+ agents.


An intuitive designer with a love for art, holistic health, beauty, and balance.

Born with a natural ability to manifest positive energy, Lisa's experience as a TV producer, marketing professional, clothing designer, and charitable event organizer has amplified her ability to transform spaces large and small to be conductors of positive Qi --making beautiful intentions realities. Lisa owns and operates Cloud 9 Feng Shui, LLC. 

A former client and student of Steve Kodad, Lisa joined forces with Steve to share Feng Shui principles on a larger scale, and to add the benefit of 20 years of omnichannel marketing experience to the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui's professional curriculum.


We are a learning institution founded on Form School and BTB principles with modern applications, in all aspects of life: from home to business to professional and personal marketing. We focus on intention and manipulating seen and unseen energy to be able to manifest and thrive from the benefits of Feng Shui.

Our lives are intrinsically Feng Shui by design.

It is our mission to unleash our well-trained and equipped students into the world as leaders, practitioners, and top-notch CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS.


Live your life more intrinsically Feng Shui.



"I took Steve's course a while back and learned so much about the subtle items that make selling your home work to your advantage. His courses teach you about placement of your living spaces and enjoying your environment. You will not look at things the same way. I highly recommend!

--Nancy Burkhart, Author and Professor at Texas A&M

“Having grown up in Asia and also have read several books on feng shui, I came to Steve’s FS class thinking that it will simply be a refresher course. To my amazement, I learned several new techniques! Steve applies his deep knowledge on feng shui principles in the Western home setting in many practical ways. I strongly recommend his class to real estate agents, homeowners, and everyone!”  

--Kim Do, Realtor

The report is amazingly thorough and enlightening. Bringing the house to life will create a balance of beauty and health. The use of vibrant colors in flowers and home decor for the exterior front entrance and the back deck will surround our home perfectly. Additionally focusing on the health focal point in the house and aligning it with the needed change should bring much needed results.

The included reasoning behind each suggested update is very helpful to understand the purpose of the needed shifts. I especially appreciate the summary at the end of the report of helpful overall tips to help guide me.

--LeeAnne Beard, Manager

Lisa is amazing! She has a grounded, balanced nature about her and it shows in her work. She can intuitively look at a space and know how to improve the flow of positive energy.  As a client, the process is simple but the effects are stunning! The detailed report she gave me was very thorough and easy to understand, with pictures and ideas for improvements. I was able to pull items I already owned from other areas of the house, rearrange or change out items for a minimum dollar investment but maximum results. In most cases, I would have never thought to make the change or tone down/add certain colors on my own. The visual and energetic changes are beautiful. Much more soothing and relaxed. Everyone that comes into my house says it feels so calming, welcoming, and positive! I highly recommend Lisa! She's been available and in touch during the entire process. I am beyond happy with the transformation she's done with my space.


—Jennefer Evans, Manager


Learn how to apply Feng Shui principles to every environment using practical and purposeful applications with ease. Magnetize your business to attract your dream clients, and love your career - helping others realize what you know: Feng Shui WORKS!


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