Ready to take your LIFE and CAREER to a DIFFERENT LEVEL with
Feng Shui?

Feng Shui creates spaces that people can't resist and lifestyles totally aligned with success. 
Learn the techniques that are backed with Science, ancient Wisdom, and practical Experience

By adding Feng Shui certification (now online)
to your list of expertise you'll have consistent clients, income flow and a business that
GROWS itself.

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You can recognize that a building is more than just a place for us to just fall in to bed every night or to store our stuff.

First impressions matter. Not just in home exteriors and interiors, but in marketing.

You can feel whether a space is just "off" or "on-point."

There is joy in helping others feel at home that you enjoy!

Walking into a new environment, you recognize things you would do differently.

If you're already doing these things,

you already have an understanding and a real knack for Feng Shui.

We're here to help you grow.

Learn and apprentice with us.

Try our methods and we guarantee you'll see the results you seek.

By learning to live a more Feng Shui lifestyle, you will naturally
stand out from the sea of entrepreneurs and magnetically attract success for yourself and your clients.

If you get stuck, we'll get you back on track with our training methods and classes!

This is our WHY: We were called to Teach, Help Others, and Share

 Our Mission

We are a learning institution based in Southwest Florida, train and certify students around the world, founded on Form School and BTB principles with modern applications, in all aspects of life: from home to business to professional and personal marketing. We focus on intention and manipulating seen and unseen energy to be able to manifest and thrive from the benefits of Feng Shui.

Our lives are intrinsically Feng Shui by design.

It is our mission to unleash our well-trained and equipped students into the world as leaders, practitioners, and top-notch CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS


Live your life more intrinsically Feng Shui.


Based in Florida...Train and Known Internationally



"I took Steve's course a while back and learned so much about the subtle items that make selling your home work to your advantage. His courses teach you about placement of your living spaces and enjoying your environment. You will not look at things the same way. I highly recommend!

“Having grown up in Asia and also have read several books on Feng Shui, I came to Steve’s FS class thinking that it will simply be a refresher course. To my amazement, I learned several new techniques! Steve applies his deep knowledge on Feng Shui principles in the Western home setting in many practical ways. I strongly recommend his class to real estate agents, homeowners, and everyone!”  

--Nancy Burkhart, Author  Professor at Texas A&M

I recommend this school not only because they are more then qualified. They make it fun and visual, which I really like. And it's interactive! Lisa and Steve are very helpful, and they make sure that you understand each lesson.

--Carolyn Penn, CIFSP

I signed up for Feng Shui certification through the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui and am so happy I did! Steve and Lisa are so easy to talk to and work with and they answer every question with easy to understand answers.
I think the information they provide is very thorough and I’m confident in my abilities to practice Feng Shui consulting! I definitely recommend ISFS!


--Alechia Prime, CIFSP

--Kim Do, Realtor






Learn how to apply Feng Shui principles to every environment using practical and purposeful applications with ease.

Magnetize your business to attract your dream clients, and love your career - helping others realize what you know:

Feng Shui WORKS!

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