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Revealing 9 Feng Shui Practices for Sustainable Success in Business

You started your business with such joy, courage and clarity, but somewhere along the way you lost your clarity, focus and drive.  

You wanted to make an impact on the community and do something that you really loved, but along the way you realize how much work it is to run a business and how hard it really is.

You practice all of the mindset, health and wellness techniques, and you've subscribed to all of the best biz coach channels and all of the manifestation podcasts, and yet something is missing, because you've fallen flat.

It's a struggle because

there is energy at play 

That you can't see.

Feng Shui can help you align the energy that you can't see with very simple lifestyle practices.

The most successful people know on a conscious or subconscious level something that many of us often forget:

our environment, intention and our intuition are all connected!

In this series we're going to talk about how the conscious and subconscious affects how "hard things are for us" and

how much RESISTANCE we're going to face.

We're going to talk about

our Environment and

our intention and

our intuition.

If you're still PUSHING to make things happen, join me in learning how to UNLOCK the invisible energy all around you to GET RID OF RESISTANCE.

We're going to get your subconscious and unconscious AGREE with each other!



Hi there! I'm Lisa, your Feng Shui master trainer, holistic designer, and quantum energy practitioner. I live in sunny Florida, own a quantum interior design and Feng Shui consultancy, and I feel aligned to supporting entrepreneurs. It lights me up to be able to affirm for my clients and students that they have a strong intuition, and there is more to life than what we can see with our eyes. When we live a life of intention, find and return to our center, our place of alignment; we are better able to navigate life's adversities with ease. And boy do entrepreneurs, especially those in a spiritual field face many challenges and many feel isolated and afraid to shine their light.

As a corporate refugee, I worked over 20 years in lifestyle marketing and live television. Since leaving, I've been a fulltime Feng Shui Professional and master trainer and have successfully maintained my abundant lifestyle as a single mom of two small children. If I can do it, so can you! It's not an easy journey, but if you're committed, I'm here to help you elevate and scale your business with the strategies I use in my own business as well as with my intuitive gifts and Energy Upgrade system. Let's get started! Using Feng Shui principles, you can design and actualize the business of your dreams.


Hi folks! I'm Steve, your Feng Shui Master trainer, Real Estate expert, and I have a strong affinity for scientific data, educational resources, and connecting people with my large network. Fun fact, I am in the top 5% of LinkedIn profiles, which is a very valuable tool for entrepreneurs when starting out. I am an avid reader, and I will never stop learning.

You can count on me for up-to-date research on not only best business performance practice, but also on the market, holistic mindset practices and overall wellness. Lisa and I enjoy geeking out on all of these topics, and now you can join us! Some of our students even say that I bring some comedic flair to our sessions. I'll let you decide.

Prior to becoming a Feng Shui Real Estate speaker, trainer and book author I owned a successful brokerage. The results I experienced when implementing Feng Shui into my career changed my life, enough for me to take it on fulltime over 17 years ago!

I live in Bradenton, Florida with my beautiful wife Gwen and my rescue pup, Sadie and wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone deserves to live a harmonious life, out of the rat race. It's my desire to teach you how you can join me in living a life of joy, success and fulfilment with a business of your own.


After applying the newly learned principles into my own life, I started to quickly see and feel shifts, including a new career path.

Within a year I have been able to grow and nurture a new business, and I am experiencing things I could not have imagined a year ago.

Not to mention, the continued mentorship I receive along the way.

My life feels fuller and more abundant than it has in a long time


A few short years ago I started feeling stuck in my space. As a priestess, I learned that my home was making me physically ill.

I started conducting some research, and at the same time a friend shared with me Marie Diamond and the power of Feng Shui.

I continued to do further research on this topic and ran across a site Cloud 9 Feng Shui and read the entire site, but it would be another few months before I brazenly take the next step.

I reached out to a school owned ran by Steve Kodad about upcoming classes and low and behold was reconnected with Lisa Alban from Cloud 9!

I want to say that it was the best decision I have made in quite some time.

Knowledgeable and Courteous I have learned so much and continue to learn under their Leadership.

I now have the ability to change not only my life, but those in my family and community. I am forever humbled and grateful for their advanced knowledge.

Anita Lamberti Headshot.jpg

When you vibrate at a certain level you attract your people. Working [with Steve and Lisa] was meant to be.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here, and so what we have is right this moment.

With all that is going on around the world... all we have is now... Find the joy...find one thing.

If you live with that joy, happiness will show up and Fear runs out the door.

Laugh every day!

What's Included in the Training

3 Recorded Sessions revealing 9 important Feng Shui techniques that will change your life for the better right away.


  • We're going to talk about what Feng Shui is so that you can have a foundational understanding of this complex ancient science and art so you can begin to understand what this means for you and your business.

  • You'll begin to understand the secrets to creating a sacred workspace so that you can feel inspired and supported by your environment.

  • How to activate abundance so that you attract ideal clients without chasing them.


  • The discussion on Feng Shui cures begins! Starting with your front door, the mouth of Chi.​

  • Activate and nourish your Career and Life Journey so you can embody your uniqueness.

  • Learn space clearing rituals (practical and "woo") so you can reset each day.

  • Creating intentional spaces - what does that mean and how to do it. So that you can be 100% present and clear on where you are headed.

  • Activate Abundance, so you can transcend obstacles that are self-imposed or otherwise.



  • Your personal Feng Shui energy defined. Recognize when you're out of alignment so you can make adjustments.

  • I Ching Readings for your businesses. That's right! I'll give you insight in your current energy and where you're headed using an ancient practice using an ancient practice of divination using the book of environmental science at the very foundation of Feng Shui.

  • You have many questions about your business. I'll share Feng Shui advice on how to direct your energy for optimal outcomes.



  • Have your personal questions answered and receive support from like-minded people.

  • Video check-ins, access to new materials and opportunities.


  • Download guidance and tips to help you navigate around common obstacles every entrepreneur faces:

    • Recovering from Mistakes​

    • Lost in a Sea of Competition

    • Connecting in with your Story and Life Path Journey

    • Overcoming Apathy

    • And more!

Gain Access Today

*BONUS: Support in a Closed and Private Facebook Group 

$99 USD
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