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WHY our school is a powerful choice for YOU becoming a certified Feng Shui CONSULTANT…
Our minds are so amazing, and their potential impact on our surroundings, our existence, and our daily life is fascinating and awe-inspiring.
Both Lisa and Steve wanted to create a school that empowered people, not just fed them facts.  They wanted to produce a school that showed students how to use their minds to reinforce the cures taught them, make it more personal, and make it so much more….powerful!   

More than just a school...

Any Feng Shui instructor can supply the history, the techniques, and the terminology….but can they explain the why’s, the how’s, and the when’s with the underlying love of helping others?
It is their conviction that they can, and that they will, always be there for you!   
When you run into a situation where you are unsure, or you are at a loss to what to recommend to your client, we hope you will simply ask us.  Many former students continually send photos and questions when coming up on a new problem facing them.  We encourage you to do the same, without hesitation!
The Intrinsic School of Feng Shui has been created to be a force of good.  Steve and Lisa want to be in a continuing relationship with you year after year.  Remember, help is an email or call away.



Some Reasons Why This School is Different

·         You are GREATLY encouraged to ask questions.  Send emails with photos or just call.  One of us is always available to aid you.

·         We are strongly connected with the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG).   Both Steve and Lisa are Red Ribbon members (highest affiliation).  The IFSG is the governing board, and we agreed that we should PAY for your 1st year’s membership!!

·         We place strong emphasis on using the reinforcing power of intention.
·         Our modules on marketing and prospecting are the absolute best in the business.  If you may be considering making Feng Shui a career, no school will be more helpful!!!

·         We do 80% of our training using LIVE webinars, and not just sending you recordings.  The webinars are interactive, and we encourage questions during each session and in between.
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