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Feng Shui can best be described as a feeling or a state of being: happy, successful, welcomed, supported, comfortable, safe, content, and well-being. 

Stones of Meaning

As certified Feng Shui professionals, the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui cofounders are asked time and time again, "Is my space Feng Shui?" and the answer is not as simple as looking at the aesthetics.

woman in kitchen

A space can be the most beautiful in the world, but ultimately what's important is 

how does it make you feel on an intrinsic level?

Does it support you, your lifestyle, your goals, and is it a
reflection of your best self?

Are you operating on all cylinders?

Serious Girl Stretching
Brainstorm to Success
Conference Speaker

Feng Shui has a very scientific side. It integrates topography, geomancy, environmental science, reflection and refraction, vibrational energy, dowsing, and psychology to name a few of the sciences. Westernized Feng Shui continues with recognition of modern electronics, electro-magnetic fields, building materials, and the power of intention.

The art is an appreciation of architecture, colors, shapes, textures, materials, symbolism and personalization. Feng Shui will help make this world a more beautiful place for those who practice it, and it all starts at home or in the workplace.

Certified professional consultants make recommendations that are personalized to each space and individual, with the intention to attune an occupant's energy (referred to as chi, ch'i or qi) with his/her surrounding chi and with heavenly, divine, universal chi.

Chi is defined as "life force energy or breath of life" and it is the medium through which practitioners work. Light is a key manifestation of energy and the flow of water and air is also highly regarded. As professionals we are evaluating the flow of chi, lack of chi or overabundance. We can direct and manipulate optimal energy flow using remedies (referred to as cures).


Some of these cures are ancient in origin.  But Feng Shui has had to grow also to take into account modern society.

Dazzling Light
Winding Forest Road

Our school primarily practices the oldest teaching, Form School (based on the observation of land topography and its relationship with man and the universe) and we also practice BTB Feng Shui, also known as Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, which takes into consideration ancient and modern rituals that have roots not only in Chinese teachings, shamanism, crystals, and through use of intention can empower modern decor, shapes, color, and mechanisms. 

mouth of chi quote.jpg

The practice of Feng Shui is interlinked with architectural design, and architects are highly regarded as it is their intent that chooses the “mouth of chi” or the front entryway door. It is our goal as practitioners to ensure that energy is not only welcomed, but attracted, unobstructed, plentiful, and controlled. 

One of the first questions we ask ourselves as professional consultants is,
“Do I feel welcomed?”
When we enter an environment.

Are you interested in obtaining a consultation from one of our graduates, or perhaps you might desire a deeper understanding of this practice for yourself?
Perhaps you’re even wishing to join us as a
Certified Intrinsic Feng Shui Professional Consultant? 

Contact us to begin your journey and live your life; intrinsically Feng Shui. 
We are here to help!

May the chi be with you!

Steve Kodad & Lisa Alban

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