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Become Remarkable with Feng Shui

Take Your Success to the Next Level


Learn to manipulate the energy behind Feng Shui that you can
use to take your life and business to the next level!!


You have a business but there's a lot of competitors out there.

You keep seeing signs telling you to learn more about Feng Shui.

Maybe you started researching, but you're confused and want to finally take some training.

Maybe you read a book, or read articles online, and started to mentally dismantle all of your properties, décor, and lifestyle rituals to no avail, and want to learn.

Having an expert walk you through the lessons is imperative to your success so you don't get lost.

What we do in our training is different than what you

will find elsewhere. We are based in southwest Florida, but train students internationally and nationally!

If you identify with our students' testimonials (below), than
you're definitely in the right place!

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Kristine Zelazo



Certified Les Brown Speaker

I first learned about Steve and Lisa's Feng Shui certification course through the Board of Realtors course.   I was so intrigued that I signed up for the certification course and am so glad that I did.  Lisa and Steve are not only very knowledgeable  in Feng Shui, they also truly care about their students.  They go above and beyond and I'm so happy I signed up for the course.   I look forward to a successful career in Feng Shui and I know it will be an added bonus to my real estate clientele.   


Alechia Prime
CIFSP, Life Reimagined Feng Shui Solutions and Owner of Scrub Club Cleaning Service

I signed up for Feng Shui certification through the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui and am so happy I did! Steve and Lisa are so easy to talk to and work with and they answer every question with easy to understand answers. I think the information they provide is very thorough and I’m confident in my abilities to practice Feng Shui consulting! I definitely recommend ISFS!

IFSG pic.jpg

Carolyn Penn

CIFSP, Fir Flower Feng Shui Consulting

I recommend this school not only because they are more then qualified. They make it fun and visual, which I really like. And it's interactive! Lisa and Steve are very helpful and they make sure that you understand each lesson.

Tricia Headshot.jpg

Tricia McIlwain

CIFSP, Realtor

I have been a Realtor in Naples, FL for the past 7 years, and before that worked as a wine Representative in NYC. I had a turning point in my life about 5 years ago, when the life I knew crumbled. But, for that I am thankful, because I started to see the world differently, and it truly opened my eyes. This new me decided to go check out a 2 hour Feng Shui class at our local Board of Realtors (NABOR), where I met Steve for the first time. Prior to this class, I only knew Feng Shui by name, but I also knew that whenever a house was marketed as “very Feng Shui”, that it was lovely. I was intrigued by this little 2 hour class, so when I received an email from Steve about his school, the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui, and the course they were offering, I felt like it was a perfect opportunity. And I will just say I am so glad I did! The course and the extent of information was amazing, both in person and virtually. Starting out in a 7 hour group setting at the beautiful Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg was truly a bonding experience with the other students as well as Steve Kodad and Lisa Alban. This was also where I met Lisa for the first time, so making that personal connection was wonderful. The virtual webinars covered all and more of the aspects of Feng Shui, including space clearing, Feng Shui blessings, consulting the I Ching, and even the organization, marketing and business aspects. I have to admit, at first considering both the financial investment, as well as the time involved with work and 3 kids at home was a contemplation, but I am so glad I did, because it has absolutely been worth it. Since the course I have continued as a Realtor, but I have not only started to market myself as a Feng Shui Professional Consultant to stand out, but I FEEL different! I now can look at listings that are having a tough time selling, and know why! With confidence now, I can help share with Sellers what to do to make their property stand out so that it will sell quickly. And it is working! I also used Feng Shui principles on my personal home to enhance different areas, and have started consulting for friends. I would like to emphasize that Steve and Lisa continue to be a big help, because I have reached out several times already if I have a question. Also, I continue to reference both the “Class Library” as well as all of the webinars almost daily. It is so nice to have them at my fingertips. Lastly, the IFSG has been much more interactive than I thought it would be. I am involved in a “new friend” program for new members, which introduces us to all they offer. In fact, I am participating in a webinar this afternoon from IFSG on irregular floor plans. So to sum it up, I want to give big thanks and love to Steve and Lisa for a wonderful job done, and the continued support, and for being instrumental in a very positive life change. Thank you!!

Jazmine's best.jpg

Jazmine Kardell

CIFSP, Jazmine K. Kardell Properites

This knowledge of Feng Shui has definitely opened me up to all kinds of new experiences. The energy Lisa and Steve bring into the teachings is amazing, they have a graceful way of communicating and going over the lessons, it makes it very easy to understand and to flow with the knowledge. What attracted me to the school was the experience of both Steve and Lisa, the fact that they worked with Real Estate agents and Real Estate in general. The set up of the actual program was great because I could study at my own pace [our self-paced course option] and reference back to materials as many times as possible, on top of that having Lisa coach me on a weekly basis gave me the support and guidance to know I was understanding the materials. Since the first week I started with the Feng Shui lessons , I experienced change in my home almost immediately like magic, I couldn’t believe it. For example my husband had been waiting for clients to get back to him about some proposals, within a week he had 5 clients accept his proposals even though they had said already they wanted to wait. That was unreal to me, it was as if an abundance faucet opened up. Also, he had applied for the PPL protection for the COVID-19 disaster relief; they had denied him. One week later, he got approved and he could keep his employees working. It has been unreal to be honest at times, but I know it's real because it's happening. Towards the end of my certification I felt anything could happen and there was no limit at all, I feel the goals that I set with the help of Lisa and Steve have created a shift in my confidence and my motivation in achieving unlimited success moving forward. I recommend Intrinsic School of Feng Shui to anyone that's looking to take their life to a much higher level. Love you Lisa and Steve,

and thank you for all your support and love. 


After you enroll, will will send you information on the next steps.

Please email or call us with any questions in advance.


OPPORTUNITY ALERT: Feng Shui Staging Professional Certification Training begins, October 18th, 2021
Early Bird Pricing of $405 will be extended until September 15th, before pricing returns to $777. Closed


For more information  

Enroll today to secure your seat in our virtual program! 

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You may choose to enroll in DIY FENG SHUI FOR YOUR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS PART 1 which is 12-hours for $300, and see if our training methods and materials are good fit for you before deciding to continue and become a certified professional. OR you may become satisfied with learning the beautiful foundations and basic principles to implement on a personal level.


We hold open-house virtual events and one-on-one Zoom calls prior to your first day. So you can get to know us, your classmates, discuss our schedule, or any other questions you may have before day 1.

This is not a "certification mill," you will know us and we will know you very well. We stay connected with our Intrinsic Family, and want to celebrate with you as you experience more blessings and prosperity and life and business.

You will also get to know our graduates to be able to continue your learning and to start cultivating your community of peers. We stay in touch through private groups in social media, and US mail.

Remember, we pay for the enrollment of each CIFSP graduate into the International Feng Shui Guild...a $118 value!

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Welcome to the Feng Shui Lifestyle and Success!

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